Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Historical locations related to L.W. de Laurence - Edited!

On Halloween I decided to stop by some locations of interest regarding L.W. de Laurence. De Laurence was a local publisher, hypnotist, mail order innovator, swindler and the head of at least two local magical orders. For more information, follow this link to previous posts regarding de Laurence.

Due to a typo on my part, I originally visited an incorrect location.  Many thanks to David Metcalfe for pointing this out to me.  The post and accompanying photographs have now been corrected.

The first location, at 3340 S. Michigan Ave., was listed in 1915 as being the home of de Laurence's Order of the Black Rose.  That same year the Order's address was also listed as being on Wabash.  Whether the Order moved, or whether the local press confused de Laurence's organization with his publishing headquarters is unclear.  Unfortunately the original building no longer stands, and this location is now occupied by a generic building on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus.

Also in 1915, this location on E. 47th St. is listed as his home address. 


  1. The address on Michigan for the Order of the Black Rose is actually 3340 South Michigan Avenue. Which I think is now a nondescript building on the campus of IIT.

    I noted this in my Daily Grail article on De Laurence ( ,) based on one of your posts, and got worried I'd made a mistake! : ) Just checked the newspaper article though ( ) and it's definitely 3340.

  2. I'd like to hear more about his arrest record!

  3. 1915 is incorrect. The OtBR and WW was located there up until the raid on November 11th 1912. There are no police records (Chicago corruption OR de Laurence really *was* magic) but there are a few surviving media-sensationalized stories in the Tribune, Inter Ocean, Tennesean, and a few other out of state papers.