Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pagan Time Relived, 1985

Local Psychotherapist / Astrotherapist Alan Salmi ( website / Facebook ) recently posted this image to the Chicago Pagans group on Facebook

Alan says:
"For those of you who think Pagans are recent in Chicago: this is from Feb. of 1985. My teacher, Althea had been initiated more than ten years before that in Chicago. She's left of center and is now coming on 40 years of magickal practice. Before that occult revival, there were Theosophists, new thought practitioners, magickal lodges, masonic groups, spiritualists and groups with contacts to inner plane masters. Chicago has been a center for the esoteric community for years and years!"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chicago Pagan Pride 2014

Chicago Pagan Pride 2014 is this Sunday, September 14th, from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm at
Pleasant Home, 217 Home Ave, Oak Park IL.
The event will include two public rituals, a variety of workshops, entertainers and vendors.
For more information, including schedules, visit:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another location related to the Process

In going through previous posts, it occurred to me that I had accidentally omitted one location that had previously been home to the Process.  The previous post regarding the presence of the Process in Chicago is located here.

Located just down the block from the other locations associated with the Process and related groups, this Deming street home (associated with the Process in 1976) is yet another beautiful home in another affluent area.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Historical locations related to L.W. de Laurence - Edited!

On Halloween I decided to stop by some locations of interest regarding L.W. de Laurence. De Laurence was a local publisher, hypnotist, mail order innovator, swindler and the head of at least two local magical orders. For more information, follow this link to previous posts regarding de Laurence.

Due to a typo on my part, I originally visited an incorrect location.  Many thanks to David Metcalfe for pointing this out to me.  The post and accompanying photographs have now been corrected.

The first location, at 3340 S. Michigan Ave., was listed in 1915 as being the home of de Laurence's Order of the Black Rose.  That same year the Order's address was also listed as being on Wabash.  Whether the Order moved, or whether the local press confused de Laurence's organization with his publishing headquarters is unclear.  Unfortunately the original building no longer stands, and this location is now occupied by a generic building on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus.

Also in 1915, this location on E. 47th St. is listed as his home address. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Satanism in the Suburbs: Exploring previous locations of Thee Satanic Church

Terry Taylor's Thee Satanic Church operated in and around Chicago in between 1971 and 1974, under a variety of incarnations including The Orthodox Satanic Church, and Thee Orthodox Satanic Church of the Nethilim Rite.  Previously I've posted an introduction with newspaper articles (including the involvement of Dr. Evelyn Paglini), and a magazine advertisement for the organization.  Thee Satanic Church was operated in conjunction with Taylor's bookstore, House of Occult (not to be confused with the Occult Bookstore, as many books and websites erroneously report).

I was curious as to the locations that these entities inhabited, and made a trek to the various houses and storefronts that used to house this local Satanic group.  One of the more interesting aspects was the incredibly quaint suburban surroundings where Taylor, Paglini & company continued to place their diabolical organizations.

This Edgewater building was listed as the home of Terry Taylor's bookstore, House of the Occult, in 1972.  Advertisements for the bookstore featured a design that included the logo of Taylor's

 This Oak Park residence was home to Thee Satanic Church, according to various advertisements and other sources around 1974.

This western Chicago ice cream shop sits on the 1974 location of Taylor's House of Occult bookshop.

This is the location in Melrose Park, listed in various sources as late as 1976 as being home to both Thee Satanic Church and the International Psychic Center (the organization which Paglini directed Thee Satanic Church into after the split with Taylor - some sources make this sound like an offshoot, some consider Thee Satanic Church to be a rival organization to Taylor's).

Dr. Evelyn Paglini, just a few years after her split from Taylor, on television advising regarding the "Curse of the Evil Devil Stone."

Dr. Evelyn Paglini has remained in the public eye, but I can find no trace of Taylor.  If anyone has any further information, it would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Local independent Ouija-themed experimental art film

Uzi's Party is a film being produced by local filmmaker and Brain Frame creator Lyra Hill.  As of right now there are 3 days remaining to reach the goal on Kickstarter, and it's not very far from actually happening.

From the Kickstarter page:
Uzi's Party is a film about a sleepover, a séance, and the singular aesthetic capabilities of 16mm film.
Five girls gather to hang out and commune with a Ouija board. The host, Uzi (short for Fairuza) tries to keep things in order while her party goes awry. After a short session with the Ouija board, one of the girls is no longer herself - or is she?
The girls in Uzi's Party will all be played by the same actress. And the footage will be shot in-camera, via matting, multiple exposure, and body doubles. What will begin as a stylized, strange (and funny) teen drama will eventually become a disturbing, complex inquiry into possession, identity, and the psychology of young women. As the story progresses, the visual logic will slowly fall apart until you, like the girls in the film, are no longer sure what's real and what's not.
Of particular interest to those of you following Occult Chicago, the $200 pledge gift:
$200: Sacred objects made by Pagan priestesses
I am blessed to have grown up in a tradition that worships the Earth and the Divine Feminine, and even luckier to have this community donate artwork to Uzi's Party, my own mystical project.