About me

I'm Rik Garrett, a photographer / artist who moved to Chicago in 2006.  I lived here for nearly five years before learning of the amazingly rich metaphysical / occult / magickal history.  Suddenly I began to find it everywhere.

This isn't just history.  Chicago has several thriving occult businesses and organizations.  Some of these operate in the open, and some are just recently re-emerging.

I don't have any agenda and I'm not attempting to proselytize for any particular path.  This is just something that I care about and think that there are others who would appreciate this kind of resource.  I'm posting many things as I find them, and know that there are others out there who are much more knowledgeable than I on many of these subjects.  In these cases, I encourage you to get in touch!

I am always open to suggestions and submissions.  I encourage both!  Please email me at:  occultchicago at gmail dot com

In other news, I've recently married an archivist.  This may explain a few things.
My wife Jane and I run the website Occult Guide, a site dedicated to mapping locations of interest around the world.

My personal artwork pages:
Rik Garrett Photography
Rik Garrett Photography on Facebook

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