Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Local independent Ouija-themed experimental art film

Uzi's Party is a film being produced by local filmmaker and Brain Frame creator Lyra Hill.  As of right now there are 3 days remaining to reach the goal on Kickstarter, and it's not very far from actually happening.

From the Kickstarter page:
Uzi's Party is a film about a sleepover, a séance, and the singular aesthetic capabilities of 16mm film.
Five girls gather to hang out and commune with a Ouija board. The host, Uzi (short for Fairuza) tries to keep things in order while her party goes awry. After a short session with the Ouija board, one of the girls is no longer herself - or is she?
The girls in Uzi's Party will all be played by the same actress. And the footage will be shot in-camera, via matting, multiple exposure, and body doubles. What will begin as a stylized, strange (and funny) teen drama will eventually become a disturbing, complex inquiry into possession, identity, and the psychology of young women. As the story progresses, the visual logic will slowly fall apart until you, like the girls in the film, are no longer sure what's real and what's not.
Of particular interest to those of you following Occult Chicago, the $200 pledge gift:
$200: Sacred objects made by Pagan priestesses
I am blessed to have grown up in a tradition that worships the Earth and the Divine Feminine, and even luckier to have this community donate artwork to Uzi's Party, my own mystical project. 

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