Thursday, May 31, 2012

Previous location of the Occult Digest Center

Previously I wrote about the beautiful building that used to house the Occult Digest Center and the Occult Book Mart (previously home to Psychic Power magazine). Publisher Effa Danelson and her husband moved to Chicago from St. Louis and built the structure to be home to their studies of spiritualism and the unexplained.

As part of a day-long exploration of some of Chicago's historical sites, I decided to see what now sits in this location that used to be home to a variety of seances and occult studies.

 What sits there is a small park with a fountain and a skinny sculpture. 

 I believe that this park could stand to have a plaque honoring the previous inhabitants.  Anyone want to champion the cause?

Next door, on land that was also part of the Occult Digest building, sits this building.  

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