Saturday, December 8, 2012

A bit of self-promotion: Magical Calendar art project

I said that I wouldn't do this very often, but honestly the things I research and post on Occult Chicago entwine themselves with my artwork enough that I have a hard time separating them at times.  And to be honest, I thought that this project would be of interest to the readers of Occult Chicago.

I'm working on a year-long Magical Calendar project, focusing on themes of magic in the year of 2013.  This stems from my obsession with the De Croze/Orazi Calendrier Magique made for 1897.

I'm releasing one limited edition fine art print each month, and have just released the image for January.

This is a detail of LILITH, the January image.  The original hand colored / painted silver print is being reproduced as a museum quality archival pigment print, signed and numbered in an edition of only 13.

For more information about the calendar project, visit my artwork blog.

To purchase this print, visit my online store.

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