Saturday, August 25, 2012

New website - Occult Guide

Hello, everyone!

I recently got back into town from our honeymoon in Vienna, which was completely amazing.  Upon arrival back home, my wife and I are now launching a new website dedicated to mapping locations of occult significance worldwide.

I have received quite a few messages from people outside of Chicago telling me that they wished a resource like this blog existed for their own city.  Likewise, we have traveled and wished that such things existed so that we would know of good places to visit.

So now we present to you, OCCULT GUIDE

Occult Guide is a site powered by member submissions:  add locations in your own hometown to be added to the worldwide maps.  Occult Guide is also a fully functional social media website, complete with forums, member profiles, user groups and more.

We are incredibly proud of our new creation, and hope that you find it interesting enough to join in.  Help us to map the unseen hiding in plain view!

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